Why Solis

  • Industry-proven expertise in Extended ERP Implementation, Supply Chain Optimization, SOA and Business Integration
  • A Company focusing on IT-Enabled Business Transformation solutions for maximizing Client's ROI
  • Leveraging People, Processes and Technology to enhance competitiveness of our clients
  • Quality driven with flexible delivery models to deliver fixed-price, fixed-time solutions.
  • Proven methodologies to insure global delivery success
  • Excellence achieved through continuous learning, innovative solutions and strategic partnerships with leading software companies


Solis Mission, Vision and Objectives

Solis mission since it's' inception, is to be viewed as a true trusted adviser to our customer base. It is our ongoing plan, and mission to act as an extension to the internal corporate IT groups, and act as mentors to our clients, to aid in the successful transfer of knowledge, and implementation as it relates to these new corporate technology initiatives.

Solis, continues to strive to continuously overachieve our customer expectations. This is a metrics we use as a benchmark to assess Solis's customer satisfaction. We use this as our Balanced Scorecard, and manage against these goals.

  • We're all about value to our clients - Every aspect of what we do, from the initial sales call through the final invoice, must bring value to the client. It's a Philosophy that is embedded in each employee, starting with the interview process. On a daily basis we assess our value propositions and see if our delivery meets our message. We are dedicated and committed to add value to customers by delivering solutions that enables them reap the benefits of integration through quick ROIs. We stretch, we strive and we are flexible to make this happen.
  • Agility and flexibility are keys - While we focus on a core set of partner products, our staffing and education procedures are as generic as we can possibly get. We hire for character first, then quality of technical expertise. It is the belief of Solis that quality people who believe in the mission of the company will adapt to changes that are required on the part of the business.
  • Understand the mission - Failure to understand the mission of the company is the single greatest cause of failure in business. We must stay crisp in what, why, and how we operate on a daily basis and communicate that often to the entire company. We are a solutions business leveraging the commitment of our company, the business and technical acumen of our people, and the technology of our partners to bring daily value to our clients. We must stay focused on our mission.
  • Execution is king - We must deliver! We want to maintain our reputation of doing what we say we'll do--then we will continue to be success.

Solis's, vision is to continuously improve on our skills, in our specialized areas of expertise, and embrace our clients to accelerate the knowledge transfer rate and insure successful implementations of projects we engage. It is this Trusted Adviser role that will allow us to act as a true partner throughout these initiatives.

Solis, objective is to grow at a controlled rate, and manage the quality of technology deliveries.

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