Solis enables manufacturers to optimize their operations for maximum speed, efficiency and predictability at minimum costs, give customers and partners more complete and accurate information, and more quickly identify and respond to changes and opportunities throughout their business and in their market. Our solutions combine open standards-based integration technology, pre-built SOA integration templates, and standardized best practices gained from customer engagements to lower the cost and complexity of SOA integration.

Solis delivers these benefits by offering services and solutions including the following :

  • Real-time : visibility and control over shared processes with subcontractors, suppliers, component manufacturers, and even customers.
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) : Expert help in creating B2B integration strategy, building maps, setting up trading partners, resolving communications issues and much more. We can supplement your in-house staff, reduce the complexity of your current EDI system, or help with overall performance and tuning
  • Secure File Exchange : connects internal applications, customer/partner applications and external exchange applications. These applications are termed as FXP clients. FXP clients can be classified into 2 groups, namely enterprise clients and customer's clients Enterprise clients include applications or their touch points. Customer/partner clients include partner business systems or their touch points.
  • UCCNet : Solis understands the UCCNet process and the complexities associated with deploying an item synchronization solution. This, along with our hands-on experience, makes us uniquely qualified to help you deliver on time and with on budget.

Solis provides SOA-enabled, leading integration solutions to meet the unique requirements of our clients. With SOA allows interactions partners and customers to become more rapid, collaborative, and flexible.

Building on globally standardized frameworks and collaborative tools and methodologies, we custom-tailor solutions to minimize risk and maximize value. An unparalleled distributed delivery network includes Global Delivery Model that combines the best blend of onsite, offsite and offshore to achieve greater efficiencies, quality and consistency.

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