Take Control with Solis Managed IT Services

The key to success is managing the mundane without sacrificing the strategic. You must not lose sight of the big picture as you take care of the following day-to-day activities :

  • Security management
  • Storage management
  • Systems management of hardware and software
  • Continuous application maintenance
  • Networking management
  • Help desk
  • Network Operations

Each of these requires a series of ongoing tasks that you can handle internally or hand off to a managed IT services provider. At a glance, using internal resources may seem "cheaper." But dig a little deeper and you're sure to uncover significant hidden costs. (Have you really quantified how much time your IT staff spends interfacing with vendors, tackling all stages of the equipment lifecycle, and troubleshooting technical issues?) Then there's the opportunity cost of time not spent on strategic initiatives. (How often have important projects been pushed aside for a few hours, days or weeks so IT staff can put out fires?)

By enlisting the help of a third party, you can enjoy predictable monthly costs while avoiding the hidden and opportunity costs associated with in-house management. You can gain access to a cadre of highly-skilled experts who specialize in each of those areas—from security to networking. Furthermore, you can avoid costly infrastructure investments helping to accelerate your return on investment (ROI) and deliver greater business value.

Every time you introduce a new product or service, implement a new operational process, grow your business or improve your customer service, you face the need for more and better day-to-day IT management. Those are the ideal times to consider how managed IT services can help you to increase revenue, decrease costs, enhance productivity and manage risk more effectively.

Take control with managed IT services

Even when faced with the compelling benefits of managed IT services, you might view such external services as a threat. Before you assume that third-party assistance will diminish your control (or take away your job), consider that you'll still be very much responsible. You'll simply be delivering results more quickly, more efficiently and more cost- effectively. And, by offloading the tedious, you can spend your time and focus your resources on initiatives to drive the business forward.

The key to remaining in control is choosing the right managed IT services provider. Your provider should work to ensure that you remain in the driver's seat. You should have secure access to your systems—around the clock. You should also be able to view reports about system performances and capacity levels. In other words, you should be able to oversee management without getting caught up in the minutiae of executing the required tasks.

By serving as a single point of contact and accountability, your managed

IT services provider will also eliminate the need for you to communicate with and oversee multiple vendors.

While keeping you in control, a managed IT services provider should also offer a high degree of flexibility. You should be able to custom-tailor a solution that meets your unique needs now and in the future. And, that solution should be able to evolve quickly and cost-effectively to meet your ever-changing requirements.

The bottom line is that your approach to IT management should enable your business—not hold it back. If you're struggling to manage day-to-day requirements and still support strategic initiatives, managed IT services may be the solution you need.

Key considerations :

  • Do you need help managing your corporation's risk, freeing your staff to re-focus on core business needs?
  • Do you have the right tools in place to continually monitor and manage equipment?
  • Does your company stay up-to-date with the most efficient IT management procedures?
  • Have you considered how third - party IT services could contribute to your revenues, profits and business processes?
  • Are you managing your IT vendors effectively? How could you improve management to reduce operational overhead?
  • How effectively are you managing all stages of the equipment lifecycle ­from provisioning, installation and testing to ongoing maintenance and problem resolution?
  • Would you benefit from access to around-the-clock support from seasoned help desk and technical services teams?
  • Are you confident that you can maintain uninterrupted access to your mission-critical systems and data?
  • Are you sure your business is operating in a secure, compliant manner?

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